Extraneum Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Guide to getting all achievements in Extraneum in the current early access build. The information here is subject to change depending on the progress of the game and whether more achievements will be added in the future.

Check that off the backlog

Simply start the game. self-explanatory, boot up the game and you’ll unlock it.

Sushi time!

Flayer spawn are the really small jellyfish looking things. While you can use the chainsaw to kill them, it’s pretty easy to just stab them with the knife a few times and kill them.

Match point

When you get the grenade launcher, you can shoot it around corners and onto walls. Shoot at the wall behind or beside an enemy and it should bounce onto them and explode. Once they die (which, if they’re low level enemies, it should happen quite fast), you’ll unlock the achievement.

Where’s Wal-d’oh!

Confirmed by the developer, each enemy you kill has a 1/1000 chance of dropping it. By the time the full game comes out you could probably unlock this achievement through normal progression, if not you can replay certain levels until it pops.


On most levels there’s data disks with some extra info on lore and enemy background. You only need to find 1 for this achievement. The video below shows the one on E1M3, credit to Rex705Gaming for uploading the video.

Not my problem

On the first level of the game, just AFK for 15 minutes and go make a sandwich or something. you’ll get this achievement once the time is up. just note that it has to be done on the first level specifically, and you have to stay in the first room of the game without leaving. So you can just do nothing.

Balls of steel

For this achievement I’d recommend playing on the lowest difficulty to make things easier. Attack the boss normally until his health is very low. Once you feel like it’s low enough switch to the chainsaw and use that to kill him.

If you can’t find it, the chainsaw can be found in a secret on the secret level E1MA in the youtube video below. Credit to Sakurazoku for uploading the video.

Tis but a scratch

This might be a bit tricky as well, so once again I recommend doing this on the lowest difficulty. Using a combination of grenades to self damage and walking into enemies to lower my health at the very end of a level, I was able to lower my health down to 1hp. This will probably take a few tries so playing on the lowest skill where you can respawn infinitely without a penalty. just keep one enemy alive (preferably a flayer as they do a small amount of damage) and let it attack you until you have 1 health. Kill it and walk into the exit to get the achievement to pop.

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