Eyes Of War PC Controls and Shortcuts

This page covers the list of all Eyes Of War controls and keyboard shortcuts for PC. Eyes Of War is a real-time strategy video game developed and published by Good Mood Games. As of writing, the game is exclusively available on Windows PC via Steam.

Eyes Of War Controls

The following are the default Eyes Of War key bindings. You can easily change and remap these default keyboard controls by going to the settings section of the game.

Map RotationW A S D
Select All Units on the ScreenCtrl + A
Cancel / Deselect / Menu / Exit ChatEsc
Select Specific MilitaryLeft Mouse Button
Attack / Redirect the Selected Military TargetRight Mouse Button
Select the Same Soldier Types on the ScreenLeft Mouse Button (Double-Click)
Go to the Main CastleSpacebar
Select All Military UnitsCtrl + S
Entering the Selected SoldierE
Switching Between Soldiers in TPSE
Exit From Within the Selected SoldierQ
Resource GatheringT
Military UnitsF
Go to TargetX
Menu Open / BackF1
Infantry Units / Attack / Side-by-Side ArrangementF2
Archer Units / Fall Back / Triangular FormationF3
Cavalries Units / Follow Me / Line UpF4
Machines Units / Defence / Scattered FormationF5
All Soldiers / Order / Circle FormationF6
Eyes Of War Controls

We have reached the end of our PC guide for controlling Eyes Of War. If you have any recommendations to enhance this guide, we would greatly appreciate your input.