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Fall Guys x Bomberman Crossover Might Be Happening Soon

An “explosive collab” was announced on Fall Guys’ social media on Wednesday morning, May 26th. The new Fall Guys’ tweeter post suggests that the collaboration is with Konami, so fans expect a possible crossover with Bomberman.

The teaser does not provide much information, only the silhouette of the characters using one of the future skins. Although the partnership is not yet official, the shadows of the walking beans really resemble the classic game.

We’ve got an EXPLOSIVE collab coming soon.
It’s gonna blow your mind.
Can you guess who??

In response to the post, Konami stated that ” that tweet blew up the head ” of the company. Therefore, it is very likely to be a crossover with Bomberman.

Fall Guys is available for PlayStation 4 and works through backward compatibility on PlayStation 5. In one of its crossovers, Mediatonic brought the skins from Among Us to the game.

Last Update from Fall Guys Adds Crossplay Feature

With the arrival of half of the 4th season of Fall Guys, Mediatonic prepared an update with a ton of news. Among them, two new phases and crossplay are included.

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