Farlight 84 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

This guide will help you understand the basics of the game, game modes, selecting the best classes and characters for you, landing, looting and how to win games.


Farlight 84 is a a battle royale game with hero shooter elements. You have to drop into the map after which you have to find weapons and equipment’s to defend yourself. Your goal is to be the final squad alive to win the game. You can play in both duos/squads.

These are some tips which can help you get started to Farlight 84.


There are 4 classes in this game:

  • Attack – This class can deal alot of damage with their abilities and usually have either really good mobility or ways to restrict the mobility of the enemies. They can be really good if you want to play aggresively.
  • Defense – This class can provide alot of defensive abilities for the team like shields, and smokes. They can help the team by protecting them from oncoming damage.
  • Scout – This class is really useful as they can reveal or trace enemy positions with their abilities.
  • Support – This class provides the team with buffs and heals. They are really handy to have on every team.

The class from which you can pick your characters really depends on your play-style.

  • If you like to play to aggressively pick attack.
  • If you like to be defensive, protecting your team, and holding an area go for defense.
  • If you like to have info on enemies locations go for scout and,
  • If you like to provide heals and buffs and be overall supportive towards your team go for support.

You can see which hero is from which class in the heroes selection menu.

The characters

There are alot of characters each with different abilities but you won’t have every character unlocked at the start. Maggie is a great pick for starting out you can play aggressively to get kills and she has good mobility.

You can unlock more characters later on by using the gold currency.

Look into these heroes for you next unlocks:-

  • Phantom- Really good for beginners, she has a scan and stealth on her ultimate.

  • Captain- He has a really handy shield and water gun.

Don’t go for any complicated heroes. i would recommend you only play one or two heroes and learn the game through them as this will also help you completely understand the hero. Focusing on a single hero can help you be really good on them instead of being just decent on multiple heroes.


As a beginner try to avoid hot drops and aim to get comfortable with the mechanics of the game. Landing in certain places can become a ticket straight to the lobby. Avoid those spots as they can be highly populated.

Try to drop on the spots besides the main locations so that you can get basic supplies like weapons and armor before getting into a fight.


This game has auto loot enabled so you don’t have to worry about picking stuff up.

So your first priority during landing should be to spot or find a weapon. This will help you get some early kills on enemies and can also help you defend yourself.

Armour can also be found on the ground.

You can also level up your armour by picking up armor points. You have to find the necessary amount to get your next level up.

Attachments are picked automatically as well just look out for some scopes.

Don’t waste your time looting too much you don’t need anything more than 200 ammo for an assault riffle. So loot quick and go kill some enemies

Weapons and equipments

Their are different types of weapons like:

  • Assault rifles- Good for medium to long range.
  • Sub-machine guns- Good for short to medium range.
  • Shotguns- Good for close quarters combat.
  • Snipers- Good for long range.

You should look for these weapons as they are overall good.

  • AK77
  • Jupiter-6
  • Fanatic
  • Bar-95

These weapons aren’t that hard to use and have great damage output.

For armor this is the order of rarity and showing which color is better the other.


Vehicles can really change the course of a battle. They can help you traverse the map quickly while also providing some damage and protection.

You can engage with the help of vehicle and they can also be used to make a quick escape


You will also notice that every hero along with their abilities have 2 movement abilities. A vertical leap and a horizontal leap. Make sure to use them in battle as they make you really hard to hit. Don’t spam them just use them wisely. This movement will make you really mobile and hard to hit for enemies

How to win

Some tips that will help you win more.

  • Drop at a safe spot where not many enemies land so that you can loot up and be prepared to fight.
  • DON’T shoot at every other enemy as there may be other squads around who can third party you. Even if you defeat one squad the other squad might jump you right after.
  • Play with your team, good teamwork will increase your chances at winning.
  • It’s okay if you lose try again in the next match and keep practicing.

Death match can be a really good tool to practice as you get into battles more often.
And most importantly have fun, no game is worth winning if you are not having fun.


Following these tips will help you be a better player over time, remember to keep practicing, and don’t be toxic towards your teammates. These tips helped me go from bronze to platinum and i am not the most mechanical player too, so these should help you climb as well.

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