Fight'N Rage

Fight’N Rage – How to Perform Secret Moves

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can perform the secret moves for Gal, F. Norris, and Ricardo in Fight’N Rage. If you’re one of the players using these characters, this guide is for you.

Fight’N Rage Secret Move

Gal’s First Secret Move

  • Jump or fall backwards, tap up and attack as soon as you land.

Gal’s Second Secret Move

  • Perform a Run Knee (dash attack), hold the attack button, input down, up and attack as soon as you land.

Ricardo’s Secret Move

  • Perform a Turbo Uppercut (down, up, attack), hold the attack button and release it as soon as you land.

F. Norris Secret Move

  • Perform a 360 motion on your directional stick, (front, down, back, up, front), and press the special button. Note that this is a special move, and it will drain your SP or HP as any other special move would.

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