Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4: Where to Watch Online?

The 3rd episode of the second season of Fire Force just and we’re now heading to the Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4. The previous episode just formally introduced the fifth pillar and its now time for the Evangelist and Fire Force to duel.

Inca Kasugatani, also known as Fire Thief, is the fifth pillar. Following her appearance in Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3, Shinra and Charon are now facing each other. Whoever wins their faceoff will be taking the fifth pillar who is also the new Adolla Burst owner. Will Shinra be able to defeat one of the strongest members of the White-Clad? Let’s find out once the Fire Force 2nd Season Episode 4 releases.

But when is the release date of the fourth episode of Fire Force 2nd season? Continue reading to learn the release date and time of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4. You can also discover the ways where you can watch it online.

When is Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 release date?

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4

Similar to the previous season, Fire Force 2nd Season will be releasing one brand new episode every week. With the release of the 3rd season, fans are now thrilled to watch the 4th episode. To watch Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4, you have to remind yourself that it will be released on Saturday, July 24, 2020, at exactly 12:25 AM (JST) in Japan.

If you’re not residing in Japan and want to watch the new episode of Fire Force Season 2, you may want to convert the slated release date and time into your local timezone. To help you with the conversion, below you will find the approximate release timeframe of the series.

  • July 24 at 11:25 AM (EDT)
  • July 24 at 4:25 PM (BST)
  • July 24 at 3:25 PM (UCT)
  • July 24 at 8:25 AM (PDT)
  • July 24 at 5:25 PM (CEST)

Where to watch Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 online?

You have two options to catch Shinra in the new episode of Fire Force anime. First is by watching the series locally in Japan. The new season of Fire Force is being aired in on TBS, TV Aichi, and many more local TV channels in Japan.

Another option to watch the series if you don’t have access to these local TV stations is by streaming it online. Currently, Fire Force 2nd Season is available on Animelab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV.

Note that the new episode should finish its broadcast first in Japan. Right after its official broadcast, the official streaming partners of the anime will be sharing the episode on their streaming platform. You should be able to watch the new episode as close as the approximated premiere date and time mentioned above.

I can’t find the new Fire Force Season 2 episode online. What should I do? If the new episode is not available on the scheduled date, we recommend checking the official website of the anime series as they are usually announcing if there are any delays or schedule changes. You can also check the relevant media channels to get the latest update for the Fire Force Season 2.