Fortbyte Challenge 14 Location

Fortnite Fortbyte #14 Location: Found Within an RV Park Guide

A new day has arrived in Fortnite and that being said, a new Fortbyte challenge has also become available. This time, Fortbyte #14 called Found Within an RV Park is the new challenge that players need to complete. If you’re a new Fortnite player or just not familiar with the map, here’s where you need to go to complete this challenge.

Fortbyte Challenge 14 Location Guide

As mentioned in the name of the challenge, the chip can be found at RV Park. But where exactly can we find the RV Park in the map?

Fortbyte Challenge 14 Location

All you need to do is head to coordinate I5. RV Park is just on the north-east of Mega Mall and south-west of Lonely Lodge. Once you get there, you can find the chip between the trees sitting on the center of the RV Park and beside the green RV.

Still having trouble locating the chip? Here’s a detailed guide on how to get there.

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