Fortnite – All Chocolate Boxes Location Guide

This guide will be covering the details of the location of all chocolate boxes in Fortnite. These chocolate boxes are the requirements for one of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 challenges.

If you’re one of the players trying to complete this week’s challenges, below are the locations where you can find the Valentine’s Day gift.

Fortnite Chocolate Boxes Location

For this challenge, you only need to find a total of 3 chocolate boxes that are scattered all over the map. There are more than three Fortnite chocolate boxes in the game right now.

Pleasant Park (2 Chocolate Boxes)

Start on the southeast side of town and aim for a blue wooden home. Go upstairs to the first floor and grab the chocolate box from the nightstand next to the bedroom bed.

You’ll find the second chocolate box inside the house with light blue wood paneling on the southeast end of Pleasant Park – go up to the second floor and search the bedside drawers.

Holly Hedges (2 Chocolate Boxes)

The next chocolate box you’re going to need for this week’s challenges is at Holly Hedges. Go to the garden with the park bench on the north side of the area. You’re going to find a chocolate box lying on a wooden park bench.

You can find the fourth of the Fortnite chocolate boxes inside the house with green wood paneling on the southeast corner of Holly Hedges, on the table in the ground floor bed.

Retail Row (2 Chocolate Boxes)

The 5th of the chocolate box is inside the brick and gray wood-panelled house on the south side of the Retail Row – go upstairs and search the bed in the eastern bedroom.

Last but surely not least is the Fortnite chocolate box inside the Noms Store on the northeast side of the Retail Row, in the center of the three checkout units.

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