Fortnite Battle Royale Latest News & Updates: Bug Found In The New Campfire Healing Item

Earlier this week, Epic Games a new map along with the patch to fix the previous issues in the game. However, it seems like not everything went well as players are starting to discover new bugs and glitches in the new map.

Aside from the crane glitch found in the Junk Junction, players also found a new bug in the Cozy Campfire healing item. According to the report, if a player uses the Cozy Campfire item while in the pre-game lobby, the game renders it as the player has a full-shield equipped when the actual match started. Meaning, when the match starts, players won’t be able to equip any shields and protection that they found during the match.

However, not because the game thinks that the player has a shield, they won’t be affected by any damage. No, it’s just a game glitch so players will still receive a normal damage without any shield reduction. Those who are affected by the glitch will only have a total of 100 HP until they die or the match ends.

This bug is a major advantage for their opponent and it can spoil the fun for their team. Hopefully, Epic Games will acknowledge this new bug and quickly fix the issue in their next scheduled update.

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