Fortnite Firing Range Targets

Fortnite Season 10 Firing Range Target Locations: Where To Find Firing Range Target?

Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 is here and Epic Games has released a new set of challenges in the game. This week, players are tasked to complete challenges that will be focused to test your accuracy in the Fortnite.

Apart from the Land on Different Bullseye challenge, another challenge called Hit Easy and Hard Firing Range Targets is challenging your accuracy in Fortnite.

All Firing Range Targets Locations

To complete this mission, you need to find the Firing Range Targets that are scattered in the map and hit them. These targets are a little bit small, so spotting them is not an easy task. To help you complete this challenge, we already located all the Firing Range Targets and all you need to do is visit these locations and hit them.

Fortnite Season 10 - Firing Range Targets Locations
Fortnite Season 10 – Firing Range Targets Locations

This challenge has two missions: Hit Easy Firing Range Targets where you only need to hit 1 target and the Hit Hard Firing Range Targets that requires you to hit 4 targets.

Having that said, completing the hard challenge means you will also complete the easy challenge.

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