Fortnite Week 8 Fish Trophy Locations

Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Where To Find All Fish Trophies (Week 8)

We’re now on week 8 of Fortnite season 6, and as usual, Epic Games has released a new wave of in-game challenges. One of the challenges that are available right now for both battle pass and non-battle pass owners is to dance in front of the fish trophies.

There are lots of fish trophies scattered across the map and you are only required to find and dance in 7 different locations. If you’re wondering where the locations of the fish trophies are, check the location guide below.

Fish Trophy Challenge (Week 8)
Fish Trophy Challenge (Week 8)

Fish Trophies Locations

The fish trophy is in the style of Big Mouth Billy Bass, and you can easily spot them as they are usually mounted on walls in different buildings in the map. They come in different sizes, some are small and some are big.

Just as mentioned, you’re only required to dance on top of it 7 times in different locations. Complete all the requirements, and you will receive five Battle Stars.

As of now, there are 12 confirmed locations of the fish trophy. Just visit 7 of these places to complete the challenge.

  • Retail Row – In front of the sporting goods store
  • Dusty Divot Diner – In the second-floor office
  • Wailing Woods – Inside the bunker
  • Lonely Lodge – Inside the main lodge
  • Junk Junction – On the first floor of the main building
  • Fatal Fields – Above the fireplace in the main house
  • Risky Reels– In the building at the north side
  • Shifty Shaft– In a house toward the east edge
  • Salty Springs– Find the house located at the north-west part of the map
  • Greasy Grove – In the store in the middle
  • Snobby Shores – On the second floor of a house
  • Lazy Links – Find the shop at the north-west part

There are more challenges available on Week 8. If you’re looking for more of Fornite guide, make sure to visit this link.