Fortnite Season 6: Vehicle Timed Trial Locations (Week 10)

We’re getting close for the next season and for the last week of Fornite Season 6, Epic has released a new challenge where you have to complete three timed trials at different locations.

If you’re wondering where are these vehicle timed trial locations, here’s a guide to find them.

Vehicle Timed Trial Locations

Similar to the timed-trials in the past, you have to collect the ticking clock before the time runs out. But unlike before, this time you need to be riding a vehicle. So before heading to the locations, first you’ll need to find a vehicle that you can use to start the challenge.

There are some locations where ATK or Quadcrasher frequently spawn and this is at the Lazy Links golf course. However, please do note that there are also vehicles in different areas of the map that you can use to start the challenge. Once you find a vehicle, head to any of these locations:

  • Lazy Links – Just head to the gift shop at Lazy Links. From there you can find the time trial stopwatch. Also, there’s an ATK spawning around the area.
  • Junk Junction – Head to the bast of the metal llama statue.
  • RV Park – If you’re at the Retail Row, head to the east and you’ll reach the entrance to the RV Park. A ticking time trial stopwatch is waiting for you there.
  • Dusty Divot – The blue stopwatch can be spotted at the base of one of the signal towers.
  • Flush Factory – Head to the hill from the north of Flush Factory. The stopwatch can be spotted beside a huge tree.
Vehicle Timed Trial Challenge Locations
Vehicle Timed Trial Challenge Locations

And that’s all the locations of the week 10 vehicle timed trial challenge. After completing this challenge, you can also do the other challenges such as finding the Viking Ship, crashed battle bus, and camel statue. Here’s a guide for that.