Fortnite Season 7: All Piano Locations and Sheet Music (Week 2)

It’s the second week for Fortnite Season 7 and as usual, Epic Games has released a new set of challenges. One of the challenges this week is to find the piano and play the music near the Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.

If you’re looking for the exact locations of the piano’s, here’s a guide that will surely help you out.

All Christmas Piano Location and Sheet Music

  • Pleasant Park – Head to B3 near the edge of the hill and you will find the piano. Step on E, G, C, D, and E and wait until the music plays.
  • Lonely Lodge – Head to J5 near the edge of the land. Step on C, C, C, F, F, F, E, F, G, A, A#, G, and A and wait until the music plays.

And that’s the location of the piano and the sheet music that you need to play. If you still can’t find the piano, please refer to the map location below.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Piano Locations
Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 Piano Locations

If you already managed to achieve to unlock the secret banner hidden in the map, make sure to visit this link for its location.

Apart from this challenge, here are all the Week 2 challenges that you can complete:

  • Search a Chest in different Named Locations 0/7
  • Damage opponents with different types of weapons 0/5
  • Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields (HARD) 0/3
  • Stage 1: Visit Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park in a single match 0/2
  • Play the Sheet Music at the pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge 0/2
  • Compete in a Dance Off at an abandoned mansion (HARD) 0/1
  • Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (HARD) 0/1

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