Fortnite Storm the Agency

Fortnite Update 12.51 Event Leaked: Storm the Agency, Operation: Grotto, and More

Epic Games is yet to release the newest Fortnite update version 12.51 in the next few days, but details for the upcoming update have already been leaked online. Because of the popularity of Fortnite, video game data miners have been exploring the game when they hear news about a new update.

Now, Fortnite update v12.51 is not an exemption as some of the most important details have been leaked. According to the Fortnite data miner, the game will be receiving new events, challenges, and missions for players to complete. Below is the leaked information that we got so far.

Operation: Grotto

The newest LTM coming in this update is called Operation: Grotto. In this LTM, one team will have to infiltrate the opponents base and steal briefcases filled with classified information. In addition, the dor at the top of the will is still closed.

Storm the Agency Challenge

This challenge will require players to collect three golden bars in the Midas Room. The reward for completing this challenge is still unknown, so make sure to standby for more updates.

Apart from the two most leaked intel, the new update is also expected to fix the Quick Bar issues randomly appearing on mobile. We will be posting the full Fortnite update v12.51 patch notes once we got the details.

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