Fortnite Launch Fireworks Along The River Bank

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer: All Fireworks Along The River Bank Locations

One of the challenges in 14 Days of Summer in Fortnite is to Launch Fireworks found Along The River Banks. This challenge is pretty simple. All you need to do is visit three fireworks locations, light them up, and fire them to the sky. Once you have successfully fired three fireworks, you will get a notification telling that you have done so and receive the Summer pickaxe as a reward.

All Fireworks Locations in 14 Days of Summer

There’s a total of 6 fireworks on the map and to help you complete this challenge as fast as possible, here’s where you can find them. Below are the written map location and the visual map guide.

  • North of Lazy Lagoon – near the three floating boats
  • South of Lazy Lagoon – near the small waterfall
  • East of Loot Lake – near the station wagon and RV
  • East of Neo Tilted – below the wind turbine near a pine tree
  • South of Neo Tilted – also near the wind turbine
  • West of Fatal Fields – on a snowy area near the bridge
Fortnite Fireworks Locations
Fortnite Fireworks Locations

And that’s it. Again, you only need to fire 3 fireworks to complete the challenge. If you haven’t completed all the remaining 14 Days of Summer challenges, visit our exclusive event guide from here.