FPS Chess – How to Use Shiny Pieces

Want to become a pro with shiny pieces in FPS Chess? This guide is the one for you!

Shiny Pawn

The Shiny Pawn is very different from the regular pawn; keep that in mind.

Melee (Left Click) – The Shiny Pawn no longer has a musket but instead a sword. This means you need to get close to your opponent to do damage with the sword. Since the pawn is a fragile unit, you need good positioning. You don’t want to be in your opponent’s face constantly. You should probably go in after using the clone ability (Left Shift)

Block (Right Click) – The Shiny Pawn still has a block, but this one works a little differently. After blocking too much damage, the animation will stop, and blocking will be on cool down. A little trick to do constant blocking is to spam right-click.

Sword Throw (E) – Once the E button is pressed, you will throw a sword (obviously). You should always be using this ability whether they are far or close. Try aiming for the body if you aren’t the best at aiming.

Clone (Left Shift) – The Shiny Pawn has a cloning ability like the regular pawn, except this one is different. Instead of making one clone, you will make two. An animation will play where you will shoot up into the sky and come back down. The AI for the Shiny Pawn clones is way better than the regular ones. The Shiny Pawn clones will not wander off too far and will be able to climb and use abilities (except the clone). When you throw your sword, your clones will also throw their sword in the same place, meaning you can combo these moves. Like the Sword Throw, you should also use this ability whenever possible.

Overall the Shiny Pawn is an alright piece. If you get good with it, you can take out other pieces like Bishops and Rooks.

Shiny Knight

The Shiny Knight is a bad piece.

Bow and Arrow (Left-Click) – The Bow and Arrow is the same as the regular Bow and Arrow, so get up close and spam Left-Click

Arrow Barrage (E) – The Arrow Barrage is basically like you were spamming Left-Click but wider. Get up close.

Launch Back (Left-Shift) – Once Left-Shift is clicked, the next arrow you fire will act like a normal arrow, but you will also launch yourself backward. This is a useful ability if you are trying to create some space.

Overall the Shiny Knight is Bad.

Shiny Bishop

The Shiny Bishop is excellent. Once you know the strategies, you will win all your games.

Bomb Gun (Left-Click) – The Bomb Gun works the same as the regular bishop gun, except the bullets are replaced with mini bombs. The mini-bombs also travel slower. If you shoot the mini bombs at your feet, you will launch yourself up. You can use this to combo into flying mode. The weapon can be used at any distance, but if you want the most damage, you should go close up.

See Enemies (E) – With this ability, you will be able to see enemies through walls. This ability is useful when you need to know where your enemy is or when a pawn creates its clones.

Fly (Left-Shift) – The fly is the same as the regular one, except when it ends, or you cancel it, you will shoot upwards. This is good if you are trying to get up to high places faster.

bishop is him.

Shiny Rook

The Shiny Rook is alright; he can be great if you have good aim.

Sniper (Left-Click) – The rook still has a sniper, but instead of shooting one bullet, you shoot three bullets (like a burst). This weapon is much better; you can play close or far away.

Cannon (E) – Once E is clicked, your weapon will change to a cannon. You can shoot two times before your weapon returns to a sniper. The cannon shoots big balls and launches them back if it hits your enemy.

Building (Left-Shift) – Unlike the regular rook building, this one only works if you are in the air. A platform will appear below you that you can stand on. This is good if you want to hit some clean shots from the top of the map.

And he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOK

Shiny Queen

Shiny Queen is the best piece in the game.

Whip (Left-Click) – Even though it is a whip, it is more like the regular pawn’s musket. The only difference is that the hitbox is HUMONGOUS. Take advantage of this gigantic hitbox, and don’t be afraid to spam shoot.

Grab (E) – When this button is clicked, the next shot will grab a piece or the enemy towards you. If you grab a piece, you can throw it. This is useful if the enemy tries to run away or fly away.

Grapple (Left-Shift) – Once this button is clicked, your next shot will be a grappling hook. This is good for getting to different places or closing the gap with your enemy.

Queen best piece

Shiny King

The King is the King

Double Swords (Left-Click) – The Shiny Queen has two swords making the hitbox bigger.

Shield (E) – A shield that goes in front of you and lasts for a few seconds. This ability is helpful if you are low and your opponent is going in. Be careful since they can attack you from behind.

Helicopter (Left-Shift) – Turns you into a helicopter, and you can fly around. You can run through opponents to deal damage, but it is a little. It is very useful for running away since it lasts for so long and you are extremely fast.

King is King

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