Relapse Update 1.0.9 Notes de mise à jour: Adds Widescreen Support

Developer Valklabs has released the latest Relapse update 1.0.9. The new patch has been rolled out today October 16, 2022, to address some of the issues that have been reported since the last patch. In addition to these bug fixes, the developer has also added widescreen support.

In this new update, the screen now defaults to Windowed mode during your first launch of the game. This can be changed after the game has been fully loaded. En dehors de ces, there are also some screen resolution adjustments. To learn more about this new Relapse update, you can read the full changelog below.

Relapse Update 1.0.9 Notes de mise à jour

  • Screen mode is now defaulted to Window on your first time booting up (no change if youve already set a your screen mode)
  • Screen resolution now boots up in your native screen size resolution by default.
  • Screen resolution now allows for higher than 16/9 aspect ratios, and supports wide monitors 21:9 aspect ratio. Noter: the system allows for any screen aspect ratio but breaks the UI when playing on ULTRA wide monitors (32:9 aspect ratio) je’ll revisit this in the future. En attendant, tu’ll want to change your in game aspect ratio screen size if this is you.

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