Sprocket Update 0.102 Patch Notes on August 28th Released

Following its release on Steam, developer and publisher Hamish Dunn has released the latest Sprocket update 0.102. The new Sprocket patch has been rolled out today, August 28th.

According to the official changelog, Sprocket patch 0.102 aims to fix some of the known bugs and issues since the August 27 release. Some of the fixed glitches include the graphical glitch and the recent black screen on launch issues.

To know more about this update, check out the official changelog below.

Sprocket Patch 0.102 Changelog


  • Muzzle brakes and wheel mounts no longer disappear on the lowest graphics settings.
  • Can no longer use rich text markup in input fields.
  • Trench crossing tail placement no longer acts strangely from certain perspectives.
  • Wooden planks are now fully reset in the “No Tank’s Land” scenario.
  • Tracks no longer become invisible when returning to the designer when scoped.
  • Added character limits for various name fields.
  • Gunner sight no longer rotates depending on the surface it’s placed on.
  • Shadows fixed for roadwheel #2
  • Was possible to win and lose a scenario if the two remaining tanks destroyed one another simultaneously.
  • Fixed spawn on “Dunes” scenario which caused vehicles to spawn partially underground.
  • Fixed armor issue when the bottom of the hull front or rear strip was moved all the way to the bottom.
  • Fixed possible black screen on launch.


  • Azimuth design is now hidden for mantlets that don’t support azimuth rotation.
  • Rail antenna now acts as an antenna.
  • The warning is shown when the blueprint name contains invalid characters (you’ll be able to include these soon).
  • Wheels now get stuck between trench walls and the terrain less often.


  • Muzzle brakes no longer lower muzzle velocity. They are now entirely aesthetic until their realistic trade-off can be simulated.
  • Made the flat sandbox x2 as long.
  • Can now increase the battle size up to 200%

Are you still experiencing some in-game issues such as crashing and low FPS? If yes, feel free to check this Sprocket troubleshooting guide.

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