Fremdganger – The Cheating Demon Full Walkthrough Guide

This is the official Walkthrough by The Storyteller himself. Feel free to come here whenever you feel like you’re stuck and don’t know how to solve a puzzle.


Oh? A visitor at such a late hour? Allow me to introduce myself.

I am the storyteller, telling stories that can excite even the numbest of hearts… But you know that already, don’t you?

I strongly believe that my story is best experienced on your own, and that thinking outside the box and banging your head against a (fourth) wall before you solve a puzzle is part of the fun. That said, if you ever do feel lost at any point of my story, this guide here will help you out.

Chapter 1

The ritual from the book might seem complicated, but if you look at the state of the room you can see that there is only one step left: You have to stand on the southern side of the summoning circle and press the Space Key 5 times in succession.

Chapter 2

When the Storyteller asks you to bring him a cup of water, you need to first take the empty glass from the table in the down-left corner of the room, and then fill it up by clicking on the sink next to the toilet. If clicking with your mouse doesn’t work here, please press the Space Key instead.

Find a bloody arrow on one of the walls, follow it until you’ve hit a wall and press the Space Key.

To find the blood code, you need to use the RETURN option in the pause menu and check the book next to the bottle of wine on the table. You will see Hex codes and RGB codes for different shades of red; The one you need to remember is the RGB code for BLOODRED.

Chapter 3

To find the snow monster’s birthday, RETURN and check the table again, this time standing in front of the wine bottle. The year on this bottle is your answer.

There is a single chair in the next room. Interact with it.

Two decisions await you. Render your verdict according to your intuition.

Chapter 4

I am sorry, but before I can help you, I need to check something in my kitchen. There was a weird noise.

Ah, no, it was nothing. It seems like my imagination got the better of me. Where my kitchen is, you ask? Is that not a bit intruding for someone who’s just a guest in my humble abode?

There is a tough decision to make. Trust your instincts.

Chapter 5

If Airin survived the previous chapter, you can use her to dig through the dirt in the garden. You can also activate the red switch in the right side of the garden to skip the boulder puzzle.

If Airin died in the previous chapter, you need to push around the boulders to carve a way through the garden. You are no longer on the path to the true ending if Airin died.

Chapter 6

Your face looks pale. Is everything alright with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

If you need a break, please feel free to take one. You can always RELOAD your save later.

Chapter 7

Why am I hearing voices again? This time, they came from the basement…

To find the azure code for the door, use the RETURN function. I will wear a shirt with the code written on it.

I went down to my basement to check where these noises were coming from, but I think I forgot to lock the door behind me. Please follow me there, the door is on the down-right corner of my room.

Chapter 8

WhAt iS tHiS fArCe, n’HyArLo? HiDiNg iN A wAlKtHrOuGh noW? Come on, we both know that you have no chance to escape me, no matter where you go, no matter what media you consume. But alright, I will give you some hints to progress in this silly game. At the end of the day, you are just postponing what’s inevitable.

Go back to the boardgame and click on it. On the bottom-right corner of the room, you will find an empty chair you can sit on to read a book. DO IT.

Chapter 9

Fight your way through the enemies. You have some healing items in your inventory to help you if you’re having trouble. When dodging, time the press of the Space Key so you jump over the bolt of light completely without touching it. If it worked, you will take no damage at all. Practice on easy enemies if you don’t have the timing down yet.

Talk to the guard in front of the town. After that, go to the right until you find the entrance to a forest. Go down until you find a orc boss called “Dregger” and do your best to defeat him.

In the next room, step on the mushrooms on the ground in the middle of room. EAT THEM.

Chapter 10

Click the left mouse button or press the Space Key to work for your friendly company. You can press D to open up the shop and buy various items to make your work more rewarding.

As soon as you can afford it, buy the yellow orb from the store. After that, RETURN and go back to the guard in front of the town.

Chapter 11

Go to the keyguard located in the east of town. After that, you can enter your home in the west of town. Sleep until the next day and repeat the same process. After sleeping again, you can head north and leave the town.

Fight your way through until you meet Wendy. She gives you a riddle, which can be solved by RETURNing and going through the door on the right. Going to the section where you found the blades as Elias before, you will see they now form a number. This is the number you need to tell Wendy.

Prepare well and fight the King of Kings. After beating him, go back to the mushrooms in the forest and eat them again.

Chapter 12

You can now buy even more upgrades in the shop that make your worklife easier. Earn enough coins to afford both Demon Hunter Dimitri and the pdf on green color codes. Press W and select the pdf to open it; remember the RGB code for GrassGreen.

RETURN and check the west of the forest, where you will find an incarcerated pirate. When you interact with the iron bars in front of him, you will see a date. Go back to the mushrooms and check your emails with the corresponding date. There will be a number inside, which is the number you need for the gates.

Iste Ego Sum: Fight an enemy of your choice and check Narzissus’ skills. There will be a suspicious number, remember it and RETURN all the way to the Storyteller’s basement, where you can input this number in a chest at the end of the hallway.

Chapter 13

Put the firewood you got from the Iste Ego Sum chest into the fireplace in the Storyteller’s room. RETURN to the boardgame and go to the big hallway where the blades were. In the top-right room, the ice block started to melt and you can interact with it.

Leave the hallway and go north in the main room, there will be an unopened chest in the top-left corner. Enter the GrassGreen code you remembered from the pdf.

Return to the pirate who now has two friendly pets. He will give you coordinates as a reward, remember them.

Chapter 14

Eat the mushrooms again and press W to open up your media. Select Demon Hunter Dimitri.

Fight your way through this bullet hell. Your Teleport-Evasion (Right-Click) is very powerful, so don’t feel guilty using it over and over again to dash through the bullets. I am already hunting you anyway, so cheating once more doesn’t really change anything.

Talk to Ryona. Don’t touch her. Click on Levels and input the coordinates shown below.

After completing the level, click on the Levels button again and input the coordinates you got from the pirate. Play through the level and look at the picture at the beach.

Chapter 15 – Finale

RETURN all the way and go to the spot from the picture (it’s in the Storyteller’s basement next to the room where the Iste Ego Sum chest was) and interact with the wall on that exact spot.

Whatever you do, do not touch the blade in front of you. Give up. Close your eyes and embrace your fate, I am doing this for your own good. Don’t resist.


And that’s it! If you’ve made it this far, I would really appreciate your feedback in the form of a review! Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for my next project!

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