Fruit Basket Season 2

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, and Synopsis

Fruits Basket anime has finally returned and with the release of the 2 episodes, fans can no longer wait to watch Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 3. In this guide, we’ll let you know when will be the Fruits Basket 2nd Season episode 3 release date. Discover where you can watch the second season of the anime series online. Also, check out the upcoming episode preview and a short synopsis.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

If the series doesn’t encounter any delay or schedule changes, Fruits Basket 2nd season episode 3 will be available on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at exactly 01:30 (JST). Do note that the mentioned date and time is based on the release timeframe in Japan, so you might want to convert it to your local timezone.

Depending on where you watch the series, authorized partners will be uploading the episode on their platform after the episode airing in Japan. Some of these streaming platforms are Funimation, Crunchyroll, and many more. Make sure to pick up the series from these sources to support the anime industry.

Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 3 Preview

Fruits Basket 2nd Season Episode 3 Synopsis

Toru and Yuki came to Ayame’s store for the first time. It seems that the shop handles handicrafts, maids and nurse clothes made by Ayame. Then suddenly, the eyes of Mion Kuramae, an employee dressed in a maid outfit, shines as if she were killing her and takes her to another room. According to Ayame, Mion seems to have a habit of wanting to change clothes when she sees a cute woman.