Charmander Funk Pop

Funko Announced a New Charmander Pop Coming In May

Following the Bulbasaur and Pikachu pop announcement last month, Funko has revealed that the fire-type Pokemon Charmander is also getting a new pop.

Revealed earlier today, Funko Pop has released a photo of the upcoming Charmander. The new Charmander Funko Pop will have a box number of 455. While the blog post did not mention the exact release date, they have confirmed that the new Charmander pop will be out in May 2019.

Charmander Funko Pop

Here’s the description of the Charmander Pop #455

“Grow your Pokémon team with this famous Pokémon! Charmander’s tail will flare up when it gets angry, but this Pop! Charmander will be happy to join your team! Charmander can typically found in hot, mountainous areas, but this Pop! Charmander should be easy to capture without a trek to your nearest mountainous region.”


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