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Garfield Kart Pastacosti Factory Puzzle Pieces Location Guide

This guide will be covering the details on where you can find all the puzzle pieces at Pastacosti Factory in Garfield Kart. If you’re one of the players having a hard time locating the Pastacosti Factory puzzle pieces, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that in order to obtain the puzzle pieces, you need no specific boosts or items and getting the spring is not necessary for any of the pieces.

Pastacosti Factory Puzzles Piece #1

The first piece is near the beginning. At the ramp just before you enter the inside of the factory, make a hard right while on the ramp-up and follow the path to get the first puzzle piece.

Pastacosti Factory Puzzles Piece #2

The second piece can be found on the conveyor belt section behind one of the boxes. If you’re desperate to find the piece, just drive the conveyor belt section backwards in order to find the piece behind the box.

Pastacosti Factory Puzzles Piece #3

After the conveyor belt area is a storage area within the factory. Just before you exit that area on your turn left, the box to the left of you will have a puzzle piece hidden behind it.

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