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Genshin Impact: How to Force Paimon to Always Follow You

Genshin Impact has a vast world that players can explore. As you start your adventure, a non-playable character in the game will accompany you. It was Paimon, one of the cutest fairies in Genshin Impact.

Paimon can be summoned anytime in the game, but after a few moments, she will instantly disappear. But what if you can actually summon Paimon and force her to always follow you without even disappearing?

If you want to let Paimon join you in your adventure in Genshin Impact, you surely want to know this bug that will allow Paimon to always follow you.

Genshin Impact

How to make Paimon Always Follow You

To make this cute Paimon follow you, we will be using the connection bug in Genshin Impact as the developer hasn’t fixed it yet.

In order to use this bug, first, you have to go to the edge of the map where you will be seeing the red margin. If you head to the red part of the map, Paimon will appear and will tell you to explore the area ahead of you later. Paimon will disappear again after saying her line.

After that, you will have to keep moving to the red area and disconnect your computer from the internet. Once your internet connection is gone, keep moving to the red zone until the reconnecting to server error appear.

After this error appears, all you need to do is reconnect the game to the internet. Right after the reconnection, you will be seeing Paimon beside you. She will start following you anywhere around the map.

As reported, this bug is still working on the PC and mobile version of Genshin Impact. I haven’t tried the PS4 version yet. If you’re playing Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4, tell us if this bug works by leaving a comment below.

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