Ghost Sweeper

Ghost Sweeper Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer 7 Raven Studios and publisher Totalconsole released the official Ghost Sweeper achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Ghost Sweeper, players will be collecting 20 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. None of the listed achievements is hidden or secret. Check out the full Ghost Sweeper achievements for Xbox One.

Ghost Sweeper Achievements

From the darkIn a Dark Wood25
Step in silentA Weird Tower25
Ashes to ashesA Silent Town25
A Silent TownWill o'the wisp25
Behind the wallAncient Gate25
From down to topA haunted courtyard25
The Last StandA cold welcome25
A cold welcomeLegacy of the void25
CounterspellUnder the Spell25
Happy EndHappy End75
Hidden pathDiscover the first hidden path50
The Red StarCollect a Red Star25
Star Seeker(100 stars)25
Star Gazer(220 stars)75
Milkyway(all stars)125
Vampire killerVampire killer50
Unbreakable(collect 100 diamonds)50
Full powerCan you do it?70
Super Star TotalMore stars?200
Hidden path 2 Hero PathHidden path 2 awaits to be discovered25

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