Gibiate Episode 5 Release Date

Gibiate Episode 5 is just around the corner. Following the release of the previous episode, fans are now thrilled to see the continuation of the fight against the monsters. If you’re one of the fans who want to see Sensui Kanzaki back in action again, make sure to read the following details about the upcoming episode of Gibiate.

Gibiate is one of the anime series that debuted this Summer 2020. Despite being an original production, the series has been rapidly gathering new followers day by day. The 4th episode of the series is now available, which means that we are now heading to the Episode 5 of Gibiate anime. Read on to learn when will be the air date of Gibiate Episode 5. Also, discover the ways to watch the latest episode of Gibiate anime online.

Gibiate Episode 5

Gibiate Episode 5

Air Date: August 12, 2020 at 9:00 PM (JST)
Episode Title:Evil VS Bushido
Episode Synopsis: TBA
Episode Duration: 24 minutes
Streaming Links: Crunchyroll and VRV

What to do if you can’t find the latest episode of Gibiate on the expected air date? Sometimes, the production team has to rescheduled or delay the release of the upcoming episode of the anime. To know what happened if the new episode has been delayed, just visit the Gibiate’s official website and check the news section as this is where you can find the reason why the episode has been delayed or rescheduled.

Gibiate Synopsis

In 2030 in Japan, an unknown virus started to infect all humans around the world. Unlike the other viruses, this virus called Gibia will turn any infected humans into monsters based on their sexes, ages, and races.

Soon after, a samurai named Sensui Kanzaki and a ninja named Kenroku Sanada appeared in the current timeline after they were blasted by an unknown light. They both traveled through time. Both Sensui and Kenroku came from the early Edo period. After they landed in Japan in 2030, they joined forces with the humans to find a cure for Gibia. Along with Kathleen Funada and the other survivors, they fight the monsters and outlaws that attack travelers for food.