Gleipnir Episode 10 Spoilers, Release Date: Beautiful Flower

Things are now getting out of control for the Shuichi and the group. After taking down one of the enemies who tried to kill them, its comrades followed them seeking revenge. In the upcoming Gleipnir Episode 10, the series continues with the confrontation between Shuichi and the leader of the enemy. Will they be able to succeed in save their lives? Let’s find out in the newest episode of Gleipnir anime.

Gleipnir Episode 10 Release Date

Unlike some of the anime series which have been put into hiatus due to the virus outbreak, the production team behind the Gleipnir anime seems to continue working with the series. If everything goes well until next week, we will be able to watch Gleipnir Episode 10 titled “Beautiful Flower” on Sunday, June 7th. The series will start airing at exactly 11:30 PM (JST) on the local tv networks in Japan.

Watch Gleipnir Episode 10 Online

As mentioned above, the series will be released in the local tv channels in Japan such as Tokyo MX and AT-X. For fans who don’t have access to these networks, you can watch the anime by streaming it online.

As of writing, Gleipnir anime is available on Animelab and Funimation. Unfortunately, the English dubbed version of the series is not yet available, so you’ll have to rely on the English subtitles provided by the streaming platforms.

Gleipnir Episode 10 Spoilers

The anime series will continue with the Shuichi’s group as they finally encounter another group full of powerful members. The leader of the enemy will be giving them a chance to join them or else they will all be killed.

However, since they already hurt one of their members, the enemy leader also wants to take one life from them. Being a clever girl, Claire will suggest that Ikeuchi should be the sacrifice for them to survive. There will also be a flashback story of the enemy’s leader showcasing how he suffered while he’s still young. There, he learned a lesson that he should value his companions.

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