Gleipnir Episode 13 Release Date: Shuichi and Claire’s Secret Weapon

The backstory of Shuichi and his friends has finally been revealed in the previous episode and fans are excited to watch Gleipnir Episode 13 to see how to story goes. Episode 12 just left us an epic cliffhanger scene of Kaito’s face. Upon learning the truth about his friends, Kaito visits the alien and asked for some. What does Kaito mean when he says that he wants all of it to disappear. Is he referring to the memory of his friends? Could this be the reason why Shuichi can’t remember anything? Let’s find out once the new Gleipnir Episode 13 releases.

Gleipnir Episode 13 Release Date

While all the industries around the world are being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, it seems that things are doing well for the Gleipnir anime series. While the anime industry in Japan also received a negative impact if the pandemic, the Gleipnir production team seems to find a way to continue the production and release of the series.

If everything goes smoothly in the next few days, fans will be seeing Shuichi and Claire once again in the newest Gleipnir Episode 13 titled “We Two Are One” on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

Gleipnir Anime Streaming

Gleipnir anime series is being aired in Japan at exactly 11:30 PM (JST) on the same day mentioned above. In Japan, the series is being broadcasted in Tokyo MX and AT-X. Right after the airing of the episode, the official streaming platforms of the series is also starting to distribute the episode online.

For fans who want to follow Gleipnir online, just head to the official streaming platforms of the series. These are Animelab and Funimation. Note that the series still doesn’t have the English dubbed version, which means you need to use the English subtitle of the series if you want to understand and enjoy the story.

Gleipnir Episode 13 Spoilers

Before we get started, please note that the events that have been mentioned in this article are based on the official manga. If spoilers are not your cup of tea, we recommend you to stop reading from here.

Following the flashback, the story will go back to the present timeline. Claire and Shuichi will get in contact with Sanbe. As Sanbe previously decides to follow the duo, they are now heading to the mountain to continue looking for the crashed ship. Claire decided not to include other members of the groups they were in.

As they enter the mountain, Sanbe asked Claire about how strong her sister. Claire responds that she’s strong which excites Sanbe. The three continue the long walks and Sanbe noticed that something has changed to Shuichi. Claire also shares the questions that she has for her sister.

Meanwhile, the scene may change back to the school where the students are seen talking about the white girl on the road. At the same time, Elena will also appear in the next episode and will talk about Hanoka.

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