Gleipnir Episode 7 Streaming Details, Release Date, and Preview

Gleipnir Episode 6 will feature the Shuichi and Chihiro Yoshioka’s search for the missing wallet. In the previous episode, we have seen how Claire and Shuichi managed to find a new group where they eventually joined.

Instead of Shuichi, Claire is the one who is take responsibility for breaking the rules of the group. The group was Koyanagi’s group headed Sayaka Koyanagi. Koyanagi’s group has one rule, no one is allowed to tell the secrets.

The last few minutes of episode 6 sees Shuichi and Yoshioka having a hard time syncing their movements. While they still don’t have any idea where the wallet is, it seems that Elena Aoki’s group accidentally found it. Will Shuichi be able to meet Elena again?

Gleipnir Episode 7 Release Date

Since the premiere of the first episode, Pine Jam studio never missed a single week releasing new Gleipnir episode. But with the current situation that the world is facing right now, there’s a chance that we might see a delay or schedule changes similar to other anime like One Piece and Boruto.

If everything goes smoothly for Gleipnir, you can watch Claire and Shuichi once again Gleipnir Episode 7 which is scheduled to release on May 17, 2020, at 11:30 PM (JST). Note that the time and date used in this schedule is using Japan standard time. You might need to convert it to your local timezone if you want to be the first to catch the episode.

Gleipnir Episode 7 Streaming Details

Gleipnir is being aired on Japan’s local tv networks such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, and more. If you’re not in Japan, chances is that you don’t have the access to these local tv channels. Don’y worry because you can still watch the latest episode by streaming it online.

Fortunately, Pine Jam studio is partnered with popular streaming platforms. Currently, you can watch Gleipnir anime starting from the first episode until the series is finished on Funimation and Animelab.

Gleipnir Episode 7 English Dubbed

It’s not a surprise to see fans looking for the English dubbed version of the anime. However, it’s sad to say that there is still no English dub of Gleipnir anime. As of writing, there is still no news about the English dubbing of the series.

But don’t worry! You can still enjoy and understand the story as the mentioned streaming services above is providing the English subtitles. Watch Gleipnir Episode 7 with Japanese and turn on the English subtitles.


When is Gleipnir Episode 7 release date?

Gleipnir Episode 7 will officially release on May 17, 2020.

Where to watch Gleipnir Episode 7 online?

Gleipnir anime is exclusiveley streaming on Funimation and Animelab.

Where to watch Gleipnir Episode 7 English dubbed?

As of writing, there is still no English dubbed version of Gleipnir anime

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