Gleipnir Episode 8 Spoilers, Release Date, and Preview

Following Shuichi’s metamorphosis and power up in the previous episode, Gleipnir Episode 8 will feature the continuation of his story as a collector. We finally got to see how Shuichi will improve his strength and power and it seems that there’s still a lot of room for him.

The 7th episode of the series showcased how the protagonist unexpectedly improve. At the same time, Claire has managed to become an official member of the group. In the next episode of Gleipnir, expect to see a less more fight in the anime series.

In this anime guide, we will be telling you all the details that we know about the Gleipnir Episode 8. This includes the episode release date, spoilers, and ways to watch it online.

When is Gleipnir Episode 8 release date?

Despite the virus outbreak in Japan, it seems that the Gleipnir anime series has been unaffected. Thanks to all the efforts of Pine Jam Studio, the animation studio behind Gleipnir, who seems to be ready for any unforeseen events. Unlike the other anime such as Boruto and One Piece that is temporarily postponed, Gleipnir is still releasing new episode for the anime series.

Join Shuichi and Claire in a new adventure in Gleipnir Episode 8 set to release on Sunday, May 24th at 11:30 PM (JST). Be advised that the time and time used is based on the anime release in Japan. If you want to be the first to watch the series, we might want to convert it to your local timezone.

Where to watch Gleipnir Episode 8?

If you’re in Japan or has access to AT-X and Tokyo MX, you can watch the anime the same date and time as mentioned above. Apart from that, you can catch the series online by visiting the official partners of Pine Jam Studio.

Currently, the anime is exclusively streaming on Animelab and Funimation. For fans who are looking for the English dubbed version, it’s unfortunate to say but there is still no Gleipnir anime with English dubbing. Meanwhile, the official streaming platforms are offering the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

What to expect in Gleipnir Episode 8?

The upcoming episode will feature Shuichi and Chihiro being treated in a safe house by the group. After Claire and Yota found them unconscious, they were brought to the group’s hideout.

As Shuichi woke up, Sayaka put the string to his neck marking that he’s now an official member of the group. Sakaya interviewed Shuichi, asking him the details that he remembers before losing consciousness. However, Shuichi only remembers a few things. He forgot what happened next or even Elena’s appearance during the fight.

Meanwhile, the other members of the group introduced themselves. Shuichi got to know Isao, Yota, and Miku and their abilities. At the same time, while Chihiro is walking away, Claire stopped her and asked her what really happened there.

However, Chihiro claimed that she can’t also remember. Claire was furious and didn’t believe her and said that Shuichi needs her and he can’t live without her. Upon hearing those words, Chihiro realized something and told Claire that they can’t become whole.

Are you excited to watch Gleipnir Episode 8? Tell us what your thoughts about the metamorphosis from the previous episode.

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