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Gnome is a walking simulator disguised as an immersive horror sim. You take on the role of obedient smooth brained Amy who agrees to house sit for her friend Jenn whil she is away. Like the old WWE Raw general manager, she communicates with you via laptop and gives you mundane tasks to perform like water the garden and plant her starters while being a randomly delivered lawn gnome fails miserably at terrifying you.

The main story takes about an hour to complete (if you don’t fall asleep mid-way through or alt-tab to look up underground atmospheric french metal bands to wake you up like I did mid-stream). The rest another twenty minutes.

Also, “in the back” in the set of curtains that look like a window t the left of the laptop. It took me five munutes to realize those were doors to the backyard. The architecture of this house makes no damn sense.

Story Related

The following achievements cannot be missed. To avoid another playthrough check out the MISC. ACHIEVEMENTS section for two that occur early on and cannot be obtained going for the game’s alternate ending.

Darry the Gnome:
Met the garden gnome named Darry.

On day three someone will bang on the door endlessly. Answer the door and open the crate to greet and pick-up the subject of terror for this particular experience.

Plant Starts Planted!
Finally planted the plant starts after watering and watching them grow.

Eventually you will be tasked to plant the starter plants in front of the window in the backyard. Do the maddening deed to unlock…

The Seeds are Planted
Planted some strange seeds.

Eventually Darry will break the laptop and start leaving carboard notes on it. You, a dumbass, oblige. Take the seeds to the right of said eletronic paperweight and plant them in the garden, then go to sleep to await further mundane madness.

The Mushroom House
Discovered a mushroom house at the end of the Trial Forest.

You soon awake to a gaping hole in the backyard. The dumbass you are will proceed to yeet yourself down it to your own demise (perhaps mad from the constant dull gardening tasks your friend and new dom demanded of you), but fail the execution. Follow the exhausting path to the glowing throbbing mushroom house for a cutscene.

The Seeds are Watered
Watered some strange seeds with a strange liquid.

The next day your new gnome daddy wants the seeds watered. Do as they say. Go and read their note on the laptop and once again, like a dumbass, grab the water to the right and drown the sprouting foliage in the backyard, then yourself in bed with your dreams.

Gnomish Ending
Finished Gnome.

Continue being a dumbass and finish the game to earn your Darwin award. Oh, and the achievement…

NOTE: A video walkthrough will be loaded once I post it to Youtube.

Alternate Ending

Oh! You didn’t suffer the maddening throes of garden gnome domination hard enough yet? Well there’s a second ending that honestly is more horrifying than the main story, not to mention a lot faster. Below is how to get the related achievements for it.

Took out the Trash
You threw away the gnome.

On day three with the delivery child on a pixie styx sugar rush tries breaking your door down (day three) just go out the front door, open the crate, say hello to Darry, and be smart for once in your life. Go to the backyard, then to the garage door on the right. There will be a rectangular waste receptical (trash can). Chuck his ugly ass in the bin for the achievement.

Wrong End

This wasn’t the right ending.

Once you put Darry where he belonhs (see above), finish your tasks for the day and go to sleep. If you wake up in the dark and walk down an endless hallway, you will get the better (alternate) ending.

Misc. Achievements

There are a couple missable achievements in this game that you might miss in the first playthrough.

Curtain Trouble
Opened the curtains when something wanted them closed.

This happens after you free dom Darry from his box. You will be woken up twice at night. During these events the window on the backdoors are closed. Open them and Darry will be missing. Walk away to go back to bed, but turn back around and you’ll find the curtains closed. Go and reopen them again for a quick jumo scare and an achievement.

Was there something in the mirror?

There is a mirror in the bedroom. I’m not sure if it’s random but look into it when you wake up and before going to bed, and make sure you’re angled to see the hallway leading to the rest of the house to see something there. Turn around to verify, then look back at the mirror for the achievement. Spoopy, right? Yes…

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