Gods Against Machines Prologue Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Achievements and game tactics. ~2.5 hours to 100%


Becoming a god
Complete the tutorial.

Complete 1st mission with any God.

Justly rewarded
Defeat a level 5 or higher enemy and earn at least 3 rewards for doing so.

Complete mission 5 or higher with corruption level below 25%. It is increased with each enemy building, destroy them quickly starting with the main ones (marked on minimap).

Eternal flame
Defeat a level 12 enemy as fire god.

New game -> Azzinoth god -> complete all 12 missions.

Rising tide
Defeat a level 12 enemy as water god.

New game -> Nadea god -> complete all 12 missions.

Bounty hunter
Loot a power shard from a destroyed evacuation drone.

Destroy evacuation drone in any mission with high (mission 11) or very high (mission 12) loot level (you can see it on level selection screen, bottom right corner). I got power shard from drone in mission 5 once, but the chance of it is very low.



Your goal is to lower enemy resources to 0 before corruption reaches 100%.

1) Destroy main buildings with your basic skill.

2) Destroy barracks to avoid attacks on mana crystals

3) Destroy other buildings and then evacuation drones to restore mana.

4) Kill building ships.

5) Enemy will spawn buildings, summoning portals or flying ships at 75, 50 and 25% of resources. Focus ships and then return to destroying enemy base.

6) When resources = 0 enemy can spawn powerful Commander unit. Destroy it with your best skills.

He focuses mana crystals.

Between missions:

You will get 3 rewards (cards) for winning with corruption level below 25%. 25-50% – 2 rewards and etc.

1) Upgrade mana cost and damage of your basic skill (choose one with the lowest cooldown). You can easily destroy all buildings quickly with it.

2) Choose Power infusion and Cast spell when its available. It allows to deal even more damage.

3) Next priority is mana regeneration speed. After that focus crit damage and chance.

With max out basic skill you can wipe your enemy before corruption reaches 2%. Good luck.

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