Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Blacklight Interactive has released the official Golf With Your Friends trophy list for PlayStation 4.

In Golf With Your Friends, players will be collecting 37 trophies consisting of 18 bronze, 14 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum. There is no secret or hidden trophy in Golf With Your Friends. Check out the full Golf With Your Friends trophies for PS4 below.

Golf With Your Friends Trophies

Platinum GolferCollect all trophies
Platinum Trophy
Beginner PutterTake 50 shotsBronze Trophy
Amateur PutterTake 500 shotsSilver Trophy
Master PutterTake 1000 shotsGold Trophy
Not enough time in the day!Out of timeBronze Trophy
The course is that wayGo out of boundsBronze Trophy
Stay on targetGo out of bounds 50 timesSilver Trophy
TIMBER!Play a full game of Forest on ClassicBronze Trophy
Friends With Pharaoh'sPlay a full game of Oasis on ClassicBronze Trophy
Magical!Play a full game of Twilight on ClassicBronze Trophy
Sweet tooth!Play a full game of CandyLand on ClassicBronze Trophy
Roar!Play a full game of Ancient on ClassicBronze Trophy
BOO!Play a full game of Haunted on ClassicBronze Trophy
Anchors aweigh!Play a full game of Pirate on ClassicBronze Trophy
Blast off!Play a full game of Space Station on ClassicBronze Trophy
Incoming!Play a full game of Worms on ClassicBronze Trophy
Unnatural HistoryPlay a full game of Museum on ClassicBronze Trophy
Fly, fly away!Get 10 birdiesSilver Trophy
Nice shot!Get an albatrossBronze Trophy
Getting good!Get 10 albatrossSilver Trophy
On par!Get 50 parsGold Trophy
Hole in one!Get a hole in one!Gold Trophy
Treemendous!Get par or better on Forest ClassicSilver Trophy
Twinkle twinkle little parGet par or better on Twilight ClassicSilver Trophy
Can't spook me!Get par or better on Haunted ClassicSilver Trophy
That was a rocky roadGet par or better on Candyland ClassicSilver Trophy
Parfect!Get par or better on Oasis ClassicSilver Trophy
Paaarrrrrrr!Get par or better on Pirate ClassicSilver Trophy
Your Ancestors would be proudGet par or better on Ancient ClassicSilver Trophy
Scientific PrecisionGet par or better on Space Station ClassicSilver Trophy
Targeted DestructionGet par or better on Worms ClassicSilver Trophy
Historic AchievementGet par or better on Museum ClassicSilver Trophy
All the bells and whistlesPlay a full game with a custom game modeBronze Trophy
Three pointerPlay a full game of DunkBronze Trophy
Shoot outPlay a full game of HockeyBronze Trophy
Golf With Your FriendsPlay a hotseat or online gameBronze Trophy
Who's the food now?Get eaten by Gingy in the practice areaGold Trophy

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