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Good Company Update 0.6.2 Adds More Controls For the Easter Weekend

Developer Chasing Carrots has rolled out the newest Good Company update version 0.6.2 bringing more in-game camera controls, world interaction changes, and hotfixes.

The latest Good Company v0.6.2 has been rolled out today, April 9th. For players who want to get the update, all you need to do is open the Steam app and the update will be downloaded automatically.

In addition to the mentioned features and changes above, the patch also addressed the issues that have been previously reported. You can detailed update changelog below.

Good Company Update 0.6.2 Patch Notes

Camera Controls

  • There are now two control modes!
  • Character Centric (Locked Camera)
    • Will be the default mode.
    • You can now move the camera by dragging with the right mouse button or via edge panning.
    • The camera will snap back to your character as soon as you move.
  • Free Mode
    • Can be toggled with [TAB] or by clicking on the lock symbol on the portrait icon.
    • You can move the camera with [WASD] or mouse controls as in the Character Centric mode.
    • The camera will not snap back to your camera as soon as you move.
    • You can click on the player portrait to centre the camera on your character, or you can use the [HOME] key for that.

World Interaction

  • Buy orders on the Incoming Zone can be done from any position.
  • Blueprint Designer can be used from any position.
  • It is now possible to change recipes on tables no matter how far away your character is.
  • For manual crafting, you still need to move to the designated location.
    • This can be done automatically via the crafter panel.
  • If you open an equipment panel, it will close any that were already open.

Additional Settings

  • Camera Speed can be adjusted in the User Interface section.
  • Edge Pan Border can be adjusted in the User Interface section.
    • Will determine how many pixels away from the border activated the border panning.
  • Confine Mouse to Window.
    • If enabled, the mouse will not go over the window edge.

Bug Fixes:

  • Freeplay progression through milestones now has an additional check to make sure that progression is properly set. This also applies to older freeplay savegames.
  • Campaign levels will now check on load if decoration and trophy rewards are properly set and reward you if there was an issue saving this data on your profile.
  • Missing Japanese characters were added to the character set: 々鷹 % = &
  • Moving an assembly table no longer removes the worker that was assigned to it
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to move assembly tables with active workers on them.
  • Fixed the net worth calculation of equipment

Good Company is now available on PC via Steam.

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