Grapple Hoops

Grapple Hoops PC Keyboard Controls

Grapple Hoops game developed by Andreas Georgiou is finally out. And if you want to try this basketball-parkour fast-paced game, here are the Grapple Hoops controls to help you get started. You can modify these default Grapple Hoops keybindings by simply going to Settings > Mouse and Keyboard option.

Grapple Hoops Controls

  • – Move Forward
  • – Move Left
  • – Move Backward
  • – Move Right
  • Mouse Y – Look Up/Down
  • Mouse X – Look Left/Right
  • Left Mouse Button – Attack
  • Right Mouse Button – Grappling Hook
  • – Recall
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Ctrl – Crouch
  • – Restart
  • – Quick Turn
  • Mouse Wheel Up – Increase Throw Speed
  • Mouse Wheel Down – Decrease Throw Speed
  • Left Shift – Dribble
  • Esc – Menu / Pause

On the Mouse and Keyboard option, you can also change the horizontal and vertical sensitivity and invert the X and Y-axis.

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