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Green Hell Update 1.7.0 Released, New Contents Added

Publisher and developer Creepy Jar has released the newest Green Hell update 1.7.0 to fix known issues and the addition of new contents in the game.

The new Green Hell version 1.7.0 has been rolled out today, June 25th. The highlights of this patch are the new items that players can use in the game. These items are the new stand types and bed type. For the new stand types, players can now craft banana/palm leaf, small stone, big stone, bamboo log, bamboo long stick, and rope. As for the bed type, banana leaf bed can now be created in the game.

Green Hell New Stands

In addition to these new resources, the new update also adds new features where players can now convert the singleplayer survival saves into multiplayer. Please note that performing this conversion is irreversible. There’s also a new option that allows players to delete game saves.

Apart from these, the developer also addressed some of the issues that have been reported since the last update. You can find what has been fixed in this update below.

Green Hell Update 1.7.0 Patch Notes


  • Fixed – Potential fix for the spawn in debug scene that some Players encountered
  • Fixed – Possible crash when transferring a single item multiple times to the crafting table when holding Alt
  • Fixed – Some construction ghosts had improper starting rotation when taken out from Notebook
  • Fixed – On loaded saves respawn point of Player that saved is set to the savepoint
  • Fixed – Short Wall and Short Bamboo Wall were constructed from long sticks
  • Fixed – Stand Triggers are not visible at all times
  • Fixed – Player stuck in Crouch after changing key bindings to any other key
  • Fixed – Construction ghosts selected from Notebook on the ground can be placed outside Roof boundary
  • Fixed – Players can bypass the tutorial warning by playing Survival beforehand
  • Fixed – ‘Take max’ should be below ‘Take 3′ option in Stands’ expand menu
  • Fixed – Host is respawned near Client after reload
  • Fixed – Player can stop mid-air by harvesting an item
  • Fixed – Player cannot shoot through Stands, Smokers, Racks and Walls
  • Fixed – Obsolete expand the menu on Stands trigger when Player has a max of item type in inventory/hands
  • Fixed – Max item count shows up twice in info log when picking up Heavy Objects from Stand
  • Fixed – Maggots are visible from under worn honey dressing when wearing it on an infected wound
  • Fixed – Log Stand has an obsolete option to expand the menu
  • Fixed – Bone Knife is placed half in a bucket half in floor
  • Fixed – Water Filter doesn`t collect rainwater like other constructions
  • Fixed – Plant from balance spawner does not have to receive damage third-person animation

Green Hell update 1.7.0 is now available for download.

Source: Steam Community

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