Grizzland Trophies for PS4

We managed to grab the complete list of Grizzland trophies for PlayStation 4. Grizzland is an action-platformer video game developed and published by Khud0. The game is also available on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In Grizzland, players will be able to collect 14 trophies containing 2 silver, 11 gold, and 1 platinum. As you can see, there is no bronze trophy in this game. There are also no secret trophies in Grizzland.

Learn more about the Grizzland trophies by checking out the list below.

Grizzland Trophies

Platinum TrophyHero
Unlock all other trophies
Gold TrophyGardener
Water a tree
Gold TrophyNinja
Beat Kein
Gold TrophyBird
Beat Alternib
Gold TrophySorcerer
Beat Zodius
Gold TrophyCounsellor
Beat Shaderik
Gold TrophyCollector
Collect the 4 main items
Gold TrophyScientist
Bring someone a living bat
Gold TrophyStrike!
Break 3 vases with 1 melee hit
Gold TrophyMerchant
Buy an item from the shop
Gold TrophyWizard
Find 3 secret rooms
Gold TrophyScout
Find 5 secret notes
Silver TrophyStrange Guy
Find 1 secret room
Silver TrophyRookie
Find a secret note

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