GUILT: The Deathless

GUILT: The Deathless Controls and Shortcuts

Following the success of Outer Brain Studios’ VR game released in 2017, the video game development company has returned with its newest soul-like action game, Guilt: The Deathless. You will be facing a lot of foes in the game, which is why you should definitely become familiar with the Guilt: The Deathless controls. Whether you’re using your mouse and keyboard or a gamepad controller to play the game, we’re here to give you all the control details that you need to know.

Read on as we guide you through the complete list of Guilt: The Deathless key bindings and control shortcuts. Guilt: The Deathless will be available for early access in April 2022. Developer Outer Brain Studios will let you experience the game by playing the demo version that you can download here.

GUILT: The Deathless Controls

Before we start, keep in mind that you can always change and remap these default GUILT: The Deathless controls in the settings section of the game.

Move UpW
Move DownS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Light AttackLeft Mouse Button
Heavy AttackMiddle Mouse Button
Block ShieldRight Mouse Button
Use ItemR
Lock OnQ
Lock Next LeftMouse Wheel Up
Lock Next RightMouse Wheel Down
Swap Weapon1
Swap Shield2
Cycle Item3
Cast SpellF
Activate InspirationX
Map EnterSpace
Pause MenuEsc
GUILT: The Deathless Controls

Apart from the keyboard and mouse support, you can also enjoy playing GUILT: The Deathless Controls using a controller. Here are the default in-game button bindings using the gamepad controller.

Light AttackRB
Heavy AttackRT
Block ShieldLB
Dodge / SprintB
Use ItemX
InventoryMenu Button
Lock OnR3
Swap WeaponY
Cycle ItemD-Pad Up
Cast SpellLT
Activate InspirationL3
MovementLeft Analog Stick
GUILT: The Deathless Gamepad Controls

With all the listed GUILT: The Deathless key bindings and shortcuts above, you’re now ready to start your new journey. Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.