GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Monster Faction Guide

This guide will be covering the most basic and advance tips on how to play the monster faction in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. Details about the basic card abilities, smart deck building, gameplay strategies, and more will be found in this GWENT guide.

GWENT Monster Faction Guide

Basic Card Abilities

First of all, if you want to play Gwent, you have to learn some card abilities. Don’t focus only your faction’s abilities, focus all factions because while you are playing, you have to grow your strategy according to your opponent’s faction and deck. If you know the cards and their abilities, you can guess your opponent’s deck quickly. But, I will explain only monster or neutral abilities to you below.

  • Dominance – To trigger this ability, your most powerful card has to be the highest card on the board. Also if your highest card is equal to the opponent’s highest card, Dominance will still be triggered.
  • Banish – Remove the selected card from the game, does not count as being destroyed.
  • Deathwish – To trigger this ability, the card which contains deathwish ability must be destroyed but not be banished, if opponent banishes your deathwish card, then deathwish won’t be triggered. But in the other conditions, the card’s deathwish ability will be triggered.
  • Consume – Destroy one (or more) of your cards, then gain its power.
  • Seize – Move an enemy unit to your side.
  • Thrive – When you play a card that more powerful than your thrive card, the thrive card will increase its own power by 1.
  • Echo – You can play this card 2 turns. When you play the echo card, it will disappear for that turn and will come back to your hand next turn.
  • Drain – Deal damage and gain boost equal to the damage that you dealt.
  • Bleeding – Decrease the card’s power by 1 every turn.
  • Devotion – Your deck must contain only that faction’s card which you are using.
  • Summon – Move the selected card to the board. Does not count as being played.
  • Adrenalin(x) – Trigger this ability if you have x or fewer cards in your hand.

Smart Deck Building

How to build perfect decks? In fact, it depends on you. It depends on your game style and your cards. Now, I will show you some Moster Deck types. Monster faction basically focuses on domination and power. You have to counter the opponent’s special and powerful cards. You have to pretend like your card’s counter Card is in your opponent’s hand every time because every card of yours are important. So you have to play your cards smart and just in time. Don’t let your opponent counter your cards easily. Use defender, always put “Purify” cards in your deck and use them wisely.

Use reset cards, reset cards helped me a lot. At the end of the game, reset cards are critic In my opinion. Think of it, you are acting like you are gonna lose, and your opponent will be relaxed. So he can make a lot of mistakes because he will think he is gonna win easily, this is where reset cards come into play. I talked a lot, let’s meet with the Decks. Click on titles to see my best decks.

Gameplay Strategies

While we starting, Don’t forget, for every card in your hand, the opponent might have their counters! Remember that, if it’s not you won’t lose anything, otherwise you will win the match most of the time. Always use important cards with Cave Troll. It will tank the damage and your critic cards will survive.


Unfortunately, Nilfgaard Faction is directly counter of Monster Faction. Nilfgaardians are famous for using your own power against you and Monster Faction is famous for its power. So you don’t stand a chance against Nilfgaard most of the time. It’s not your fault, try to fight but if you lose don’t be sad about it.


While playing against Scoia’tael, enemy cards may look like weak at the beginning but it will grow fast, so be careful and try to destroy their “Symbiosis/Harmony” cards. The reset cards will be useful against Scoia’tael because Scoia’tael will boost their cards during the game. Also, you may want to use lock cards.


While playing against Skellige, you have to distribute your cards within rows. Don’t stack your cards on 1 row, focus both rows. Also, be careful about their veterans and berserkers. Try not to deal with damage to berserkers and try to kill veterans quickly.

Northern Realms

While playing against Northern Realms, you have to be careful about boosts, armors and shields. Try to deal damage fast, don’t let the opponent’s cards grow, lock or destroy them. Northern Realms are strong together, Watch out for their special cards like “Blue Stripes Commando” and “Cintrian Royal Guard”

Tips and Tricks

  1. While using Viy, consume it immediately with your special ability when you spawn it or your opponent will probably lock it.
  2. Always decrease card from your deck with “Wild Hunt Rider”, “Foglet” or “Roach” so next round your hand will be perfect.
  3. While playing against Nilfgaard, try to seize the fist card and destroy others. Also, focus 2. tip.
  4. Cave Troll is really important, try to use it wisely and just in time. Whenever you want to play a very critic card, play Cave Troll first.

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