Hacker Achievement – Liberated

Solve all the minigames within 90 seconds

How to Unlock Hacker Achievement

This is the only tricky achievement with this game. Minigames are not extremely challenging but you need to pay attention to solve them in 90 seconds.

The good news is you can do it in different playthroughs. You can try it by selecting issues individually after finishing the game. I suggest you check the achievement progress every time you solve a puzzle so you can see if you managed to solve it in under 90 secs.

There are 7 minigames in total. Some of them are the same for all but some others are uniquely generated for every playthrough.

Minigame 1 (Issue 01)

This one is unique for every playthrough so you cannot use this screenshot for your playthrough. You need to understand how this minigame works and do your best every time you play. As I mentioned before, you can try it as many time as you need. (And you can try copy/paste your save files.)

How to:

At first try 0 1 2 3. If you have any corrections, keep it all times. If you have an incorrect position, use it in another position, you will guess it correctly eventually. If you have incorrect all of them, it is very useful because now you can start at 6 digits instead of 10. If that happens, try 4 5 6 7 and go on.

Minigame 2 (Issue 02)

This one is like pipe games. You need to connect all the parts seamlessly. The solution looks like this:

Minigame 3 (Issue 03)

Same as minigame 2 but upside down.

Minigame 4 (Issue 04)

  • Same as minigame 1.

Minigame 5 (Issue 04)

This one also looks like a pipe game. You need to make the connections seamlessly. The solution:

Minigame 6 (Issue 04)

Same as minigame 2 but 90 degrees rotated.

Minigame 7 (Issue 06)

The last one is another pipe game but this time it is hexagonal and it has more tiles. I think this one is the most difficult one, you need to put 16 tiles incorrect positions in 90 secs.

Guide by Mr. Orange.

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