HANA: Hide and Seek – Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

This is a no-spoiler simple guide to CHAPTER 1 of HANA: Hide and seek by Catowo. This guide only contains the steps for the main events in this game. You can interact with other objects around to have a better sense of gameplay. It has not been 24 hours since the Steam release of HANA. So, I decided to make a guide for the new players. This is the first time I am doing a guide, so forward any problems or recommendations in the comment section. Have fun playing HANA: Hide and seek.


Unlocking Room ‘404’

  • Go to the other side of the floor (North East) and interact with the plant beside the lamp. Choose ‘Take key’.
  • Interact with the room labeled ‘404’ on South Middle of the floor.
  • Additionally, you can interact with the rug twice and choose ‘Take item’ to gain a knife. Although this knife has no use in the current chapters (1 & 2).
    First Encounter & Mission: Red Head Guy
  • Leave the room and enter kitchen on South West side of the floor. Interact with the person standing in the middle of the room.
  • After talking with the person, go back to room ‘404’. Interact with the crack between the computer and the wall. Choose ‘Take item’.
  • Go back to the kitchen to interact with the person you interacted with before to give their item back to them.

Second Encounter & Mission: Nice Girl

  • Leave the kitchen and go to North. You will encounter a person sitting next to the Women’s Restroom. Interact with the person.
  • Go to the room labeled ‘410’ on the South East of the floor and interact with the shining object on the floor. Choose ‘Pick up’.
  • Go back to the person sitting next to the Women’s Restroom and interact with them to give their item back to them.

Cupcake Gift

  • o back to room ‘404’ and interact with the bed.
  • Go to the kitchen and interact with the sink. Choose ‘Drink water’.
  • Go back to room ‘404’. Enter ‘2420’ to unlock the door, then enter the room. Hint: There is a note on the floor of the kitchen saying “HINT : Orange glows, green breathes and blue keeps”. In this case, orange refers to the lamps, green refers to the plants and blue refers to the rooms over the floor. There are 4 lamps (1 on the table of the kitchen and 3 over the hall), 2 plants found on the hall and 20 rooms (You can interact with the room 420 to learn the room numbers over the floor). Interacting with room ‘404’, you can learn that orange is assigned to 2, green is assigned to 1 and bluee is assigned to 3 and 4, refering to the digit number the values should be entered to. 1st digit is assigned to green, number of the plants (2), 2nd digit is assigned to orange, number of the lamps (4), 3rd and 4th digits are assigned to blue, number of the rooms (20).
  • Interact with the door. After the interaction, leave the room and go to the Men’s Restroom. Then, interact with the sink.
This guide about HANA: Hide and seek was written by Ena. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.