Hard West 2

Hard West 2 Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Following the success of the first Hard West game, developer Ice Code Games has finally launched their next western RPG game, Hard West 2.

Similar to the first game, you will be taking down some bad guys, which is why you should get yourself familiar with the game’s default controls. Worry not, as this guide will show you the complete list of Hard West 2 controls.

Hard West 2 Controls

The following are the default Hard West 2 key bindings. To change the default controls, go to the Controls tab in the settings section of the game.

Skip TutorialLeft Alt
Gameplay SpeedT
Cancel / MenuEsc
Quick SaveF8
Quick LoadF9
Change FocusC
Pan LeftA / Left Arrow
Pan RightD / Right Arrow
Pan ForwardW / Up Arrow
Pan BackwardsS / Down Arrow
Rotate ClockwiseQ
Rotate CounterclockwiseE
Zoom InZ
Zoom OutV
End TurnBackspace
Select Next TargetTab
Select Character 1F1
Select Character 2F2
Select Character 3F3
Select Character 4F4
Select Character 5F5
Select Character 6F6
Confirm ActionSpacebar
Swap WeaponsX
Luck Toggle`
Ability Button 11
Ability Button 22
Ability Button 33
Ability Button 44
Ability Button 55
Ability Button 66
Ability Button 77
Ability Button 88
Ability Button 99
Ability Button 100
Floor UpR
Floor DownF
Card PanelK
Character ScreenI
Make CampG
Hard West 2 Controls

This concludes our Hard West 2 controls guide. Did we miss any key controls of the game? If so, please don’t hesitate to let us know.