Haunted Investigation Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This page will be covering how to obtain all Haunted Investigation achievements, as well as the endings of the game.

Buckle up & get ready

This one is easy to get!

Step 1: Hit play on steam

Step 2: You got it YAY!

Better safe than sorry!/Ending 1

Now to get this ending all you have to do is walk back where you came from.

Step 1: Start a game and watch the first cut scene.

Step 2: Walk back to where you came from, if you see a message pop up on your screen your going the right way

After you walk for a bit longer you will see ending 1 pop

Guardian of Hope/Ending 2

To get this ending play thought the game all the way tell you get to the pentagram

Then after you get all 5 candles go get the red cross

After you open the pentagram room from the stairs, go down the far hall

Then take a right and go in to the storage room

After that take a right and in side of a box you will see the red cross

After that start the ritual then leave and bam, Now you have ending 2

Oh no…/Ending 3

To get this ending do the same as for ending 2, But this time don’t pick up the red cross.

Once you have all 5 candles start the ritual then leave, after that you should get ending 3

Who would have thought/Ending 4

To get ending 4 play the game as you did for ending 2/3.

But this time once you go upstairs and unlock the pentagram room, go in side and take a right and you will see a vase

In side of it you will see a key get it

Now from the upstairs go down the hall

and go to the door at the far end and open it

Once it open go in side and bam ending 4 is done


If you did all of the step above this should pop with ending 4

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