Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death Controls Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete list of Have a Nice Death controls for PC using a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad controllers. If you’re one of the players of this new action-roguelike video game from Gearbox Publishing, we are hoping that this controls guide will help you beat the game.

Have a Nice Death Controls

According to the game creator, the game can be played using a keyboard and controller. To start this guide, here is the list of keyboard controls for Have a Nice Death.

Move LeftA
Move RightD
Move UpW
Move DownS
Main AttackLeft Mouse Button
Secondary AttackRight Mouse Button
Tertiary AttackMiddle Mouse Button
RushLeft Shift
Cast FuryQ
Consume an AnimaE
Have a Nice Death Keyboard Controls

And for players who are using a gamepad controller, here are the buttons that you need to remember.

MovementsLeft Analog Stick
Main AttackX
Secondary AttackY
Tertiary AttackB
Cast FuryLT
Consume an AnimaLB
PauseMenu Button
MapView Button
Have a Nice Death Gamepad Controls

And this concludes our controls guide for Have a Nice Day. Did we miss any key controls of the game? Let us know in the comments. Also, you can check our Have a Nice Day troubleshooting guide if you’re currently experiencing in-game issues such as crashing and FPS drop.

As of writing this guide, Have a Nice Day is currently available on PC via Steam.

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