Heartless PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Developer and publisher Cresent has finally released their first-ever video game, Heartless, on Steam. In Heartless, you will be playing the main protagonist as you fight your way to escape the looming threats around you.

However, escaping is not just an easy task in the game, especially when you don’t have the knowledge of the basic Heartless controls. Worry not as this page will cover all the important actions that you need to know in the game.

Heartless Controls

To start off this controls guide, here are the basic movement keys that you need to remember:

  • Walk – W A S D
  • Run – Shift
  • Sit – C / Ctrl
  • L/R Viewpoint – Left Alt

Now that you know the basic movements, let’s proceed to the actions to increase your survival.

  • Close Attack / Shoot – Left Mouse Button
  • Aim – Right Mouse Button
  • Defense Close Attack – E
  • Assassinate / Interaction – F
  • Reload – R
  • Weapon Swap – Q

As you can see, you can eliminate your enemies silently by using the F key on your keyboard to assassinate them. Taking the enemies down silently will ensure that you’re not being spotted by any other enemies around the area.

Moving to the general key controls, check out the details below:

  • Quest Guide – G
  • Note / Weapon Storage – Tab
  • Pause Menu – Esc
  • Weapon Combination – T, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Weapon Store – Z

As you progress through the game, you need also need to upgrade your weapons. Clicking the Z key on your keyboard will open up the weapon store where you can purchase your desired weapon. Of course, you need to spend some coins, which are usually and normally found in the game.

With all the listed Heartless key bindings and controls above, get yourself ready for the great escape. You must survive at all costs!

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