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Hearts of Iron IV – Go Ahead, Macau My Day Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can obtain the achievement called Go Ahead, Macau My Day in Hearts of Iron IV. If you’re one of the players having a hard time obtaining this Hearts of Iron IV achievement, this guide is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide is based on the experience of the author. If you have any question, just leave a comment below.

Go Ahead, Macau My Day Achievement Guide

Obtaining this achievement is difficult, but not an impossible one. After numerous attempts, we finally found a way to get this Achievement on historical AI very consistently without any big exploits.

Become Monarchist

Produce Guns, Artillery and Support Equipment for Mils and ONLY Submarine II. A decision to free the Chinese Cooperation Government should be taken some time around 1937. Accept the mission. Rush down Portugal’s monarchist lane. First, convert yourself into a monarchist, and then immediately launch the Brazilian Civil War. If you strengthen relations with Argentina, you will be able to apply for rights to dock and you will set up naval invasions like this:

Hearts of Iron IV

And they would be able to capitulate almost instantly. Just move one division in front of their capital as fast as you can, one tile up. Since you won the Civil War, quickly reunify and create Civs until 1939.

Try to drive the business as much as you can. Portugal has a lot of building incentives if you have any of them, you’ll get a civilian industry equal to Italy or the United Kingdom in no time.

I use 7/2 Inf/Art Divisions and later upgrade them to 40 widths. I’ve also been focused extensively on the CAS. But that’s more personal preference.

Expand your Empire

As soon as world tension crosses 50% (around the end of 1939 at the beginning of 1940), French-speaking Spain is justified. You should use the arguments that you get from the focus. Take them out asap, it shouldn’t be a challenge, you should have 2 full armies at this time. Make careful to prosecute any of the military police and officers in order not to be crippled by the opposition.

Get Hong Kong

Start justifying to the United Kingdom or free France, and take Hong Kong as the goal. If you strengthen connections, you can ask Germany for military access and docking privileges. Combine all the fleet and Submarines in one doom stack and position them in the harbor in front of the British Channel. Declare war and make a call to your Chinese puppet.

Set up a naval invasion around London or Dover, use the Marines if you like. Normally, I don’t need it. Invade England and encircle London, but don’t occupy them. Usually, Britain doesn’t have many divisions on their home island, I used CAS to smash the few divisions on the island and drive them all the way to Nothern Scotland.

Keep destroying the new divisions that will spawn in London before you have a high war score (about 30-40 per cent), make sure to be finished before the end of 1941, when Pearl Harbor will be invaded by Japan and the United States joins the allies.

Take Hong Kong and the French-Chinese states to the peace agreement with your Chinese puppet. After that, attempt to puppet the East Indies and take the French Indochina. Japan is actually going to attack the axis if you don’t.

Take Down Japan

At this point, Japan should still be at war with China. Japan has managed to avoid steamrolling China since the last patch.

Get your fleet out there and extend your air force to aid your ships with bombers. Declare war on Japan, and use the states to bomb Japanese ships in China. Go to Taiwan and go on to conquer the home islands, the United States will participate sooner or later, so that’s no concern because they’re going to have less war score than you.

Encircle Tokyo and wait for China to drive Japan out of the mainland. This will ensure that China is weak enough to kill quickly and that it has the most war-core and takes all of China. You can also grind a war score here to make a Japanese puppet.

Take Down China

Using all your puppets and your now great army, an attack using your air force and navy to conquer China from all directions. It’s not meant to be so rough. Don’t call any allies who aren’t puppets of you, or they’ll take land in China to waste your effort on obtaining the achievement.

The war should be simple, since after the war with Japan, China is very small and has little or no air force or navy. Taking all of the Chinese key states with your Porto-Brazilian puppet.

Hearts of Iron IV

And that’s all of this Hearts of Iron IV achievement guide. Good luck with your war and make sure to leave a comment below if you have a question.

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