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Hearts of Iron IV – Guatemala Guide (Road to 56)

This guide will be covering the details of how you can play as Guatemala in Hearts of Iron IV mod of Road to 56 (R56). If you’re one of the players who want to test out Guatemala, this guide is for you.

Guatemala doesn’t have anything to bring to the table in Road to 56. Only having one province at the beginning, a low industry, and a lack of capital is a pain for sure; but Guatemala can be used to help its allies.

Focus Tree – Fascist Central America

Finishing the Fascist path will give you war goals on Mexico and every Central American country except for Panama. You will also receive -5% of consumer products and 15% of the trade opinion completing the Extract Nicaraguan’s Gold.

  1. Reinforce the March Towards Civilization
  2. Ubiquitous
  3. Strengthen the Militant Society
  4. Control Civil Service
  5. The Final Barrier
  6. War goals of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. (50k mp)
  7. Extract Nicaragua’s Gold and The Berlin Mission
  8. War goals on El Salvador. They can be a little hard to take down. (50k mp)

Optional: The Aycine Treaty is a bit waste of time, as Belize is at the core of it, and it is your decision whether or not you want to conquer Mexico. (65 km mp)

Focus Tree – Allied Guatemala

If you’re going to complete the other path, you get the same bonus as Nicaragua’s Gold Extract; you also have an option of getting 1 off-map civ and mill, but the U.S. has the right to have your own resources or a +10% resource profit and construction speed.

  1. The First 4 excludes the Aycine Treaty.
  2. American Diplomacy
  3. Coffee Trade Deals
  4. Support the Rural Classes
  5. Either Land for Investment or Cherish our Earth
  6. Join the War (Requires either the U.S. or Britain to be at war with Germany)


The industry is your general target, but I would suggest doing civs and then mills after completing the 4 political focuses, just use the industry research bonus for good use later.

  1. Begin Industrial Buildup
  2. Improve State Infrastructure
  3. Expand Civ Manufactures
  4. Expand Military Capacity
  5. Improve Civ Industry Capacity (Construction II)
  6. New School and Modern Teaching
  7. Reveal Mineral Wealth
  8. Reform the Taxes (Removes the Banana Republic Spirit)
  9. Any of the 3 Investors and it’s following focus. (At least 50 opinions)
  10. Both the Auto industry and Foreign Investors

All the combined focuses will give you 10 civs and 4 mills. This will double if you take the Fascist route that gives you the industry of the conquered countries, or 3 civs and 1 mill if you decide to follow the American diplomacy path. Tho you have to make the Land for Investments in full effect.


It’s going to be kind of hard as trying to create a factory using just one civ, but eventually, you’ll get more when you complete either of the political paths and the industry section of the focus tree.

  1. In the beginning, try making an extra civ.
  2. Once you have a fair amount of civs, make a few mills.
  3. If you’re all set to civs and mills, make some steel, aluminium, and rubber production.


You’ve just got three at the start of playing Guatemala, which is a bit challenging. You can earn 2 more from completing New Teaching at Modern Schools and the industrial boom part, but you’re more or less likely to be stuck with 4 research slots.

  • Slot 1 – Industry
  • Slot 2 – Industry
  • Slot 3 – Equipment (Army or Airforce)
  • Slot 4 – Doctrines (Gain from New Teaching at Modern Schools)
  • Slot 5 – Whatever (Gain from completing the Industrial boom part – requires 50 factories)


Guatemala is unlikely to have a decent number of troops because of a lack of manpower, so how can you bring the manpower to good use then? Well, there are 2 choices that I find useful, one of which is to have buff-specific forces and the other mass-producing aircraft.

Hearts of Iron IV


Template – This, for my part, has done a good job of taking out the Central American countries with about 15 of them that I have been able to make. It may have struggled with the capture of El Salvador. Try creating this template for further defense, as you can have external threats, such as Mexico or Colombia.

Now, if you were heading down the American diplomacy path, I suggest you make special forces such as marines or light tanks. As I said before, Guatemala is going to struggle with a lack of manpower, so it’s best for you to make special forces.

Doctrine – I think that either the Superior Firepower or the Asymmetrical Warfare would work as Guatemala.


I personally do not recommend this.


You have the potential to be just an air country, just as you don’t have as many enemies around you. Building extra fighters to help the Axis or the Allies does not hurt, just bear in mind that you’re going to need some more fuel for your air force.

Doctrine – Probably Operational Integrity is better if the allies are having trouble with the air war and have to take as much of the enemy’s air as they can.


Laws and Government

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Research and Production

Hearts of Iron IV

Military Staff

Hearts of Iron IV

National Character

Hearts of Iron IV

Guatemala Multiplayer/Singleplayer

Guatemala is not going to be a major player in the coming war, but it can help either side with its special forces and air force.


Siding with the Axis would allow your allies to station troops and have an airbase that is close to homeland America, enabling the Axis to strangle bomb factories or cripple the American Navy. It may also enable them to invade Mexico if you plan to conquer them. With the air force, you can make sure that the axis has green air most of the time.


Since the Allies are more or less likely to have full naval supremacy, you may start using your marines to attack ports or enemy mainland ports. I know I didn’t say anything about the axis, but you’re not going to have industry and manpower compared to the fascist path.

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