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Hearts of Iron IV – How to Form the Confederated States of America

This guide will show you how to form the Confederated States of America in Hearts of Iron 4! If you’re one of the players who want to dominate the world of Hearts of Iron IV using this giant country, this guide will surely help you.

Before we get started, please note that this guide is just one of the guide to form the confederated states of America. This guide has been created based on the personal experience of the author.

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Let’s Get Started (Focuses)

At the beginning of the game, you cannot choose “Establish the Gold Standard” focus due to not having all of the requirements to select it. To do this, we need to elect the republican party to run the United States.

So for now, I recommend going down this focus path:

  • War Plan Division
  • Intervention in Asia

Getting Alexander Vandegrift will become useful later.

Now we will go for:

  • War Department
  • Build the Pentagon
  • Air War Plans Division

The election should happen by now, so it is okay if you do not get to finish all of the focuses listed above, it is to kill some time until we meet the requirements

Let’s Get Started (Production)

Now we can’t just start producing like normal, we need to make sure we have the upper hand in the civil war.

Do not make infantry equipment.

We do not want to arm the Yankees when the civil war starts, there are other ways we can get infantry equipment to fight off the north.

You will want to produce the following instead:

  • Support Equipment
  • Planes
  • Artillery

Put all your military factories to these three items, it will not be helpful to the north

When it comes to naval production, you can do whatever you would like. We do not have to worry about any naval conflicts in the Civil War.

Establish the Gold Standard

The time has come, we can set our plans into motion… Once you elect the Republican party to rule the United States, cancel whatever focus you are currently on.

You CANNOT move forward unless the Republican Party leads the United States! We will now choose “Establish the Gold Standard.”

With this focus chosen, we can begin our path to reforming the Confederacy and winning the Civil War!

The Path to Civil War

With “Establish the Gold Standard” complete, we can begin the plan to civil war.

In order to have the upper hand in the civil war, it is important you follow the order the focuses are listed:

  • America First
  • Extend the Chinese Exclusion Acts

We have to wait till we get 10% Fascism, so we our path diverts for a little. Make sure to choose the political adviser that increases fascism:

  • Adjusted Compensation Act
  • Labor-Management Relations Act

Now with 10% fascism we can continue (Make sure you save political power now).

  • Ally with the Silver Shirts
  • Invite Foreign Support

With this we can get donations from Italy and Germany, so make sure you choose to get infantry equipment and choose training camps once.

  • Send Lindbergh to Germany
  • Recruit the Free Corps
  • Work with the Bund

Civil War will break out soon, be prepared!

While the civil war is going on, make sure you complete the “National Prosperity Program” and the following focuses so we can later do the “Honor the Confederacy” focus!

Preparing for Civil War

With Civil War looming, make sure you station your 22 mainland troops in Virginia and Maryland. When war breaks out we will need them to be ready!

With the donation of infantry equipment and training camps, you will have a sizable force to fight the Yankees. When war breaks out, station your troops like so:

  • 24 Divisions in Maryland/Virginia
  • 24 Divisions in Ohio
  • Any remaining Divisions in Texas

You will receive most of your troops when civil war breaks out, so when they appear, station them appropriately.

Civil War

The Civil War begins, let’s crush them Yankees!!!

Wait till the East Coast joins the Constitutionalists. Then station your garrisoned Troops in Ohio and Virginia and push to capture Boston. While we wait for Boston to fall, station your troops from Texas to the West Coast to help defend the Mid-West from the Northern scum.

Once Boston falls, move your troops to the West Coast to take Los Angeles. This will end the civil war and then we can form the Confederated States of America.

Establish the Confederated States of America

Now that the civil war is over, we can do the focus “Honor the Confederacy.”

Once that is completed, you can choose the decisions to hold a constitutional convention and once completed, you have yourselves the proud Confederated States of America!

From here you can Seize Cuba, conquer Mexico, invade Canada, the choice is yours!

We would like to thank NotJason for creating this awesome Hearts of Iron IV guide.

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