Hello From Darkness

Hello From Darkness Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in Hello From Darkness. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all Hello From Darkness achievements, this guide is for you.

Hello From Darkness Achievement Guide

Unmissable Achievements

What was that? – Complete level 1

Beep beep – Complete level 2

Other Achievements

Let there be light – Turn on light when both scary guys didn’t disappear in level 1

  • After equipping the flashlight, when being able to move, leave through the living room door and fix the electricity. Move back to the hallway you just came from but do not look towards the end of the corridor. Spot the first door on the left of that corridor and open it while trying to not look towards the meme face that is behind the door view angle. Instead, turn your gaze to the right wall and find the light switch, then flip it.

Hello from Darkness

  • Flip the remaining 3 switches in the apartment, use the computer in the living room and then try to drink water from the kitchen sink to progress the level to completion (In short: Follow the onscreen prompts)

Meow – Scare the cat

  • Right after the start of level 2, turn yourself about. You should see the cat in the distance right away. To unlock the achievement simply approach it.

Hello from Darkness

Wai… wait, you now my property – Catch the box the wind blows away in level 2

  • Exit the parking lot through a small dark alley and proceed forward. You’ll notice a pile of cardboard boxes on the other side of a street. You need to catch one of the boxes and you need to be fairly quick here (hold Shift to run), because the wind will blow them away when you approach their proximity.

Hello from Darkness

Wait. That’s Illegal – Find secret safe(no) point

  • After catching a box, turn 180° and make your way through the traffic minigame. Instead of following the onscreen prompt, take a right at the first opportunity and approach the meme-face in that dark alley.

Hello from Darkness

And that’s all for this Hello From Darkness achievement guide. Did we miss something? If yes, feel free to share us by leaving a comment below.

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