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Henry V Achievement – Still There

Henry V
Take care of the tuatara

How to Unlock Henry V Achievement

If at any time on day 3, when the cooling system is being repaired / after the repair / before you go to bed, the lizard’s health bar is only 1 tile left, please immediately replay day 3. Otherwise, as soon as you wake up on day 4, you’ll see this 200-year-old lizard dead. It can’t live up to the oxygen leaking.

What to do:

  1. Ration Distribution – Give it one or two bags of rations per day for the first 3 days. Divide them evenly. It is recommended to keep at least two bags of rations on day 3. Before going to bed on day 3, feed it all the remaining lizard rations so as to let it die full.
  2. Temperature Control – When the cooling system fails on day 3, it is necessary to pay special attention to the temperature of the lizard incubator. Once you start to repair, the temperature should be adjusted immediately to ensure that the red temperature bar is maintained in the state of more than half the tube (not full). After repairing, also remember to adjust the temperature bar to more than half the tube (not full) in time.

Ideally, before going to bed on day 3, the lizard has half a tube of blood. Below is a screenshot of the lizard when waking up on day 4.

Guide by Karninachen.

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