The Last of Us 2 Leak

TLOU 2 Leak: Here’s How The Last of Us 2 Hackers Gained Access to the Game

Just before the month of April 2020 ends, there has been a huge leak for the one of the most anticipated video game of the year, The Last of Us 2. Some of the most important details that have been leaked are the parts of the upcoming game, including its storyline.

While there is still no exact information about the leaker, many are suggesting that it is one of Naughty Dog’s employee. However, Sony has debunked these rumors and told the public that its not their employees.

According to Sony’s representative, the person responsible for leaking the details is not part of Sony or Naughty Dog. Now that the officials have confirmed that no one from their team leaked the upcoming game, video game reporter Jason Schreier detailed how the hacker managed to access the game.

“After talking to two people with direct knowledge of how TLOU2 leaked as well as some Naughty Dog employees, I have a good idea of what happened,” Schreier says. “Short version: hackers found a security vulnerability in a patch for an older ND game and used it to get access to ND’s servers,” the reporter added.

“I think the footage that leaked is from devs playing an early build (I haven’t watched it). Most importantly, rumors of this being an act of protest by a contractor whose pay was robbed are not true. (ND actually extended pay and healthcare benefits for contractors due to covid),” Jason Schreier on the leaked video.

As you can see, TLOU 2 hackers took advantage of Naugty Dog’s server vulnerability using the old ND game allowing the hacker to access the game.

On the other news, The Last of Us 2 has been delayed again and set its new launch date on June 19, 2020.

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